Jazz music: A way to reduce anxiety before surgery

Listening to music has been proven to boost one’s mood, health, and overall well-being. While music helps improve sleep quality and exercises the brain which contributes to better memory and mental vitality, medical practitioners also identified it as an instrument for reducing anxiety and depression.


Image source: netdoctor.com

Studies show that people tend to be emotionally stressed on the thought of going through a surgical procedure. Medical experts have capitalized on music, particularly jazz and classical music, to decrease the anxiety of patients who need to go under the knife. Based on findings, such kind of sound has helped normalize heart rate of patients who underwent eye surgery and hysterectomy (removal of all or part of the uterus). The standard tempo of jazz music, in particular, helps in soothing a patient’s mind and body.

Although the benefits of listening particularly to jazz cannot be linked to decreasing the feeling of pain during post-surgical operations, music tends to lower pain levels as it increases relaxation. In some cases, patients claim that listening to music is more effective than taking pain relief medications.

According to an article published by the Pain Research Center at the University of Utah, focusing on music triggers emotional responses that challenge pain tracts to process pain and aches. Some anesthesiologists are now looking into incorporating music during surgical operations as it is more cost-effective and has the potential to improve patients’ recovery.

Woman Relaxing Listening To Music Wearing Headphones

Image source: modvive.com

There’s not a day that passes by without me listening to soft and jazzy notes from my playlist. Christopher J. Keehner here. See you on Twitter.



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