Philadelphia Eagles’ Season Outlook After the 2016 Draft

Philadelphia Eagles fans have been yearning for playoff success for a long while now, with the team not having won a playoff game since the Donovan McNabb era. The search for the next franchise quarterback has seen nothing but setbacks, and team management probably think current starter Sam Bradford does not fit the bill.

After giving up several draft picks, which would have provided the team at least four potential NFL-level starters now and in the next two seasons, and two current starters in Kiko Alonso and Byron Maxwell, to move up to the No. 2 pick, the days leading to the draft were eventful for the Eagles.


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Ultimately, the Eagles tabbed a collegiate champion in Carson Wentz with the second overall pick, a quarterback out of North Dakota State University. Scouts raved about his passing ability and athleticism, with analysts comparing him to current NFL quarterback standouts, Andrew Luck and Cam Newton. If he can come close to playing like any of those two within the next few years, our team can be a perennial contender. The draft also saw the Eagles filling out positional needs at center, offensive guard and linebacker.

So with all the transactions the last weeks, a new offensive-minded coach in Doug Pederson, and an unhappy starting quarterback in Bradford, excitement for the upcoming season should be tempered. Will the team get to the playoffs? They probably won’t because the lack of chemistry though would definitely be an issue this 2016. But do the fans love where the team is at now? More likely than not. The future is bright for the Eagles.

Christopher J. Keehner is a Philadelphia resident and an avid fan of its sports team, including the Eagles. Learn more about him and his passion by checking out this website.


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