Songs The Soul: Remembering The ‘Unforgettable’ Music Of Natalie Cole

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With a soft, nimble voice and a musical style that spans from jazz and pop to R&B and soul, Natalie Cole’s legacy in music is somewhat akin to the title of her best-selling record, “Unforgettable.”

In her decades-long career, Natalie followed the footsteps of her famous father, jazz icon Nat King Cole, producing songs that were not only certified hits, but also those that continuously inspire generations of music listeners. The following singles are three of Natalie’s greatest hits:

This Will Be. Featured in numerous films, “This Will Be” was Natalie’s debut single and one of her biggest hits. The song earned Natalie her first two Grammy’s for best new artist and Best Female R&B Vocal Performance, a category that had previously been dominated by Aretha Franklin.

Inseparable. Sampled and performed by different artists over the years, “Inseparable” defines Natalie’s affinity with R&B and soul music. This is one the songs that cemented her gold- and platinum-laced career.

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Our Love. Following a string of hits, Natalie released “Our Love” in 1977 from her album, “Thankful.” The song has become one of her most familiar songs selling over one million copies worldwide.

More than her platinum records, Natalie will be remembered for carving out a career of great and unforgettable music.

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