Don’t Go, Dad: The Ill Effects of Absentee Fathers on Their Children

One of the most devastating issues surrounding the smallest unit of society is fatherlessness (either due to divorce, non-marital birth, or death). The most affected by this are, of course, the children. Here are just some of the ill repercussions of the absence of fathers:

Education issues

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Sara McLanahan, Laura Tach, and Daniel Schneider published a study linking a child’s engagement and attitude to studying with family structure. Children who grew up without fathers have shown poor academic performance. Most of them end up dropping out of school, which inadvertently affects their chances of landing high-paying jobs.

Mental health

The effects of absentee fathers on children’s mental health are obvious. A broken family may cause social-emotional development problems for children and adolescents. Cases of anxiety, depressions, and suicidal tendencies are among the most notable evidence of this.

Social implications

Children, boys especially, who grow up without fathers tend to display improper social behavior such as aggression. Others may show signs of identity crisis or trust issues.

Behavioral problems

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Without a fatherly figure, children may develop unwanted behavior such as truancy, premarital intercourse, chronic drinking and drug addiction. These behaviors manifest as a sort of coping mechanism for the loss in their lives.

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