The jazz gods of the 21st century

Jazz was a popular form of music that swept the people in the early 1920s who danced to swing and attended lavish events where bands played as they enjoyed the night of their lives. Times went by, and jazz kept on pushing forward and today, it remains one of the most influential and soulful music genres. Throughout the years, it flourished and brought numerous influences to people. And to whom do we owe the pleasure of such glorious gift? The musicians of course!


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Musicians helped propel jazz, and by doing so, received adulation from the public. Whether they were the biggest names in the music scene or the folks who regularly played at the club, these jazz gods proved that music can be as soulful and beautiful as a child’s innocence.

But who exactly are these “jazz gods” who left a glorious legacy? And to what do we owe the pleasure of being gifted with their beautiful compositions? We have the likes of Ray Charles, a legendary pianist and songwriter who rose to fame despite his visual handicap, Nina Simone, who not only sang and played the piano but also became a civil rights activist, and Louis Armstrong, who by far was the most influential jazz musician of all time, who donned the trumpet and wrote many songs that were well-loved since they were first heard in the ‘20s and remained to be so up to today.

You’re probably wondering why they were referred to as jazz gods, right? It is because their talents remain unmatched up to this day. Jazz provided a way for people to express their soul, despair, and happiness all at the same time, and these jazz gods have perfected it to a point that their music has become immortal.

Music fills our soul and brings color to our life. I am Christopher J. Keehner, jazz enthusiast, educating people about the glory days of music. Follow me on Twitter for more good reads on music.