What Makes Jazz Music Different From The Rest

There is something special about jazz. I suppose that enthusiasts of any genre will say the same thing about their preferred category, but for me jazz music is the embodiment of soul and heart. There is just the correct balance of tragedy, sensuality, and happiness in every beat. There’s also a special feeling one gets when looking at one’s loved one under the dimmed lights of a jazz club.

new_orleans_second_line_by_bob_grahamAG350Image Source: jazz.com

Don’t get me wrong, though: my attachment to jazz is not purely emotional. It’s intellectual as well. Jazz has a pretty interesting history, having arrived here in the early 20th century in New Orleans. Musical traits from the West African black people mixed with the light classical tendencies of the Europeans. The successful combination of the two developed into a unique blend of syncopated rhythms and voicing. Jazz, along with Blues, can arguably be considered a cultural revolution – shaping the American heritage and forming our national identity.

We must remember that America is a melting pot of cultures. Who we are today is the direct result of the struggle of many different cultures. This independence and freedom we are living in today are a reminder of how many people struggled and worked for it. So, in a sense, jazz is a memento of that change – a gift, if you will – of the change this great nation went through. Now, I don’t know about you, but for me, that separates jazz from any other genre and I think makes it pretty cool.

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