The art of appreciating jazz

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Jazz influenced a lot of the popular music we listen to today. It is a genre that speaks volumes about the history of America but unfortunately not many know how to appreciate its sound. If you’ve started taking an interest to jazz, here are some tips on how to best appreciate it:

Trust your ears

We all have our own preferences when it comes to music and you may not enjoy all forms of jazz in its diversity. Jazz artists have their distinct styles that could only be distinguished by listening hard. There are many genres of jazz and listening to each will help you find out which suits your tastes best.

Don’t overthink it

Some people say that you should delve into the rich history of jazz in order to like it. While there is something to gain by researching on the roots of jazz, it is not exactly necessary. Jazz is good music; it can be as simple as that.

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Hear it live

There is much difference between listening to jazz on your music player and watching people play it live. Live music impacts you on different levels – emotionally, intellectually and physically.

Have an open mind

In order to appreciate jazz, you have to get rid of all your biases. Keep an open mind and understand the complexity of jazz in all its different forms and genres. You might think it’s boring at first, but give it a chance to tell its story, to take you to places you’ve never been and somehow you will find it easier to see its beauty.

My name is Christopher J. Keehner, a big jazz fan and businessman. Get to know my tastes in jazz by following me on Facebook.